| garden creation and nurture


...in gardens as in life,
there should be a little chaos...

and nurture


motif We believe the design process should be a natural symbiosis between the client and ourselves. A free exchange and delicate balance between imagination and what the natural world can create.

Once you have invited us in to your space, in collaboration with you we will work to form a design that meets both your vision and the needs of your daily life. Whilst we all need green areas, each one of us asks for something different from them. Our aim is to bring your dream from the mind to the page - with prescience, a careful consideration of both structure and flora, and just a hint of nature’s chaos.


Once landscaping has been completed, we always install our planting plans ourselves.

Careful positioning and correct planting is vital for a garden to grow in the way it should. We install for other designers as well as for our own projects, and are always happy to discuss how we can be of help in this area, whether it is an entirely new project, or a replanting of an existing space.

“Show me your garden
and I will tell you what you are”
Alfred Austin motif